Going Beyond Music To Make Your Dream Celebration Come True

Our Solutions

Light Show

The best illumination to accompany our music’s rhythm

LED Video Screen

Trendy screens to display videos, photos, and more, making your event“a la par” of any world renowned concert state-of-the-art stage


Dance the night away with our Band’s moves and grooves

Best Music

Variety in the repertoire, including latest hits from world charts, to Latin, Disco,Anglo, Rock, and any genre of your choice

Attention to Details

We are a premier entertainment Band, always focused in ensuring superb quality

Synch & Coordination

The musicians and singers perform live;the light show and videosimages synchronize with the rhythm of the music.

Party's Momentum

All music flows perfectly to adapt, on site, to how theguests are feeling, to ensure a well-planned crescendo of the ambience, up to the party’s climax of entertainment.


The band originated in Caracas, Venezuela a Latin-American country with a culture deeply grounded in music, celebration, fun, and entertainment.

Tartara started more than 20 years ago with young singers and musicians, providing a unique conceptual model at that time. It created the preferred go-to music choice for weddings and special events.

With more than 3,000 events worldwide, Tartara is now opening its operation in New York City to locally serve the US North East region.


  • "The Band was amazing!! they sound exactly like the songs you hear in the radio. Full of energy. I also used their DJ and worked out very well..."

  • "Tartara is worth every penny!!! without them there is no wedding."

  • "The group was excellent, the music incredible. The whole experience was incredible! I really thanks you all guys!!"